Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dwarfs again?

The Dwarf Engineer, I suppose I could run him as a Master Engineer if I ever wanted to waste a Hero slot. Still a great model to paint.
The Dwarf Engineer was pretty easy to paint in two parts, backpack and him.
The unit of warriors with great weapons, I often run these bad boys as longbeards, it makes them a whopping S6 all the time! With a runic banner, they can lose combat but still win!
The front side of the Dwarf Runesmith, he follows the same basic formula as the rest of my Dwarf army at the time (blue primarily).
Other side of the Dwarf Runesmith, I really enjoyed painting this model. He did manage to get a little bit of red on his overcoat to seperate him from the masses.

The Battle Standard Bearer, in all his glory.
One of the crewman for the war machines, he is usually set up with the organ gun. Note the dashes for how many orcs he has killed thus far.
Dwarf Mullet. Let me repeat that. Dwarf Mullet.
This bad boy has his engineer mask up, and his clipboard has math equations and what not to have his cannon do (it is an explosion with a red crossed out circle over it).
This guy is totally just rocking being a regular crewman, also his hair was painted using the new GW foundation paints as the base. Amazing.
The Organ Gun and crewmen, ready to shoot down some greenskins.

Update, Update, where are ye tonight?

This is from my tutorial I decided to do over on Warseer:

"Hey, you're doing Dwarfs as your next army? Well, I bought the BfSP, but I'm not using the Dwarfs from it, you can have them in exchange for _______. Thanks!"

Does this sound like something that happened to you? Are you suddenly in possession of enough BfSP Thanes to field all of your Lords and Thanes in a 2000 point list as the same model?

If the answer to those two questions is yes, I may be able to help you, even if you suck at converting (like I do). So keep reading, even if you are just curious as to the outcome of my mad tinkering.

This is by no means a finished project, I have found a few minor errors after viewing all of the pictures that I will need to go back and fix up with green stuff. But for now, the project is sans green stuff.


So this is what we have, the BfSP Thane. Pretty simple, open to some easy conversions...
So, we cut off his axe and the bottom part (in retrospect, I should have left this on, as I ended up reattaching it later in a slightly different manner.

We drill into the hand (not through the hand), and put in some copper wire/brass rod/anything that will work as a staff. I have attached a lantern from a BfSP miner standard bearer.
I'm new to this tutorial thing, so I didn't take a lot of good, if any, pictures for this part. I got too into the model. But basically, we have cut off the horns, added some more random runes to the staff (basically all cut from standard bearers and taken from warrior sprues). The topmost part of the BfSP Thunderers' banner is added to the front of his helmet, to set him apart from other models. And finally, a part I have to fix up, I decided to give him a runic eyepatch, so I just have to go over this with some green stuff to make it look like an eyepatch. I added the handle of an axe from the Dwarf Thunderer Boxed set to represent him having a Great Weapon/Runic Weapon, and there ya go, all he needs is a neat scenic base and he is ready to be painted.