Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Pants went down to Georgia...

It is time for a small update to tide you all over while I go to Georgia for my cousin's weddin. I might just have grits, sweetTEA, and some french fried pertaters. Anyways, this is some superhero miniatures for the SuperFigs gaming system.

The Spanish Skull in back, a master at appearing in the right place at just the right time. He is also the leader of The Destroyers of Humanity. Romulus Alpha, his number two wears a green powerfist that gives him intense and powerful psychic powers including telekinesis and a super powerful mind.
Dr. Nucleus, the size changing madman who is on the side of The Destroyers of Humanity. His belt gives him the power to drastically alter the size of his body, as well as his strength, regeneration and vitality.
The S.W.A.T.T. (Super Weapon Attack Tactical Team) squad, part of the Coalition for Righteousness. They have a medic, and the ability to throw grenades, and also to set their guns to full auto. They are led by Commandress, who is featured in back. She can create powerful force-fields and occasionally turn the tide of battle with her high leadership.
Desert Storm is the powerhouse for the Coalition of Righteousness. A Persian Gulf war veteran, he was the product of not only intense training, but 'safe' steroid use by the government. After making it his personal agenda to destroy the British government. Before he went through with it, he was contacted by Commandress to join the Coalition. He accepted, and has since used his super strength to fight evil and his intelligence to lead rallies against the secret testing that was done before.

Monday, March 12, 2007

I drop my shield and grab my axe!

And now, without further adieu, I present the Dwarfs of the Worlds Edge Mountains... Started these bad boys a while ago, but finished up the skull pass box set (sans miners, they aren't in my tournament army).

Here, we have the Dragon Slayer, or alternatively, the Daemon Slayer, I really love how this model turned out, I love the pose, and I love the paint job that I gave him.

This is the backside of the slayer. I only wish that one day I can attain a beard long enough to cover my junk, so I would no longer have to be burdened by pants.
The Dwarf Cannon and crew, I am also really happy with the way these guys came out. Their bases are a bit hard to see, but that is how I am doing the whole army, it is sort of comic-ish, but it looks great, and they were the first to get it done.

These would be the Dwarf Warriors in all their glory. I went with yellow beards on them, the musician is supposed to look younger, and the standard bearer look older than the rest. The unit Veteran has dyed his beard red. It is part of my armies theme, also, to tell them apart.
These bad boys are the Dwarf Thunderers, they have brown beards, once again, the musician is supposed to look younger, the standard bearer look older, and the unit Veteran has a red beard. See a theme there? I'm fairly happy with them, but not as happy with the guns as I could be.
The Dwarf Thane, truly, he came out amazingly, as an army Veteran, he too has a red beard, also, I like red beards. This model came out beautifully.
Thane from the side, here you can see the axe, glove, and part of the cape.

Thane from behind, here you can see the expert (read: lucky) shading quality done on the cape, it is scorched brown, building up through bestial brown, snake bite leather, and finally ending with a snakebite leather+skull white mix. The fur on the edge has been dyed blue to help unify him with the army.
The entire painted force of Dwarfs, the most models I have ever had painted, I can field around 750 points all painted!My current project for the next Dwarf warrior unit, their banner, working in blues, as that is the armies color. I decided to paint the banner separate to make it a bit easier for me. Shields are also being painted separately and then added later.

There is quite a bit to paint before the team tournament April 29th, but I think I am up to the challenge I have laid out for myself. I am so far really enjoying painting these models. I still have 1 cannon to build, 1 unit of Quarrelers (maybe), around 6 more Thunderers to add to the existing unit to build, a unit of 20 great weapon dwarfs (banner pictured above), and a runesmith/lord to paint.