Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dwarfs: part duex

Allow me to begin, my name is MC Menses and my flow, it be fresh... (damn freestyling on the schoolbus)...

Today marks the late finish of my Dwarf Warriors. 12 of them.The unit has yellow beards, except for the veteran. The beard started with a black undercoat, blazing orange highlight on that, finishing with golden yellow highlights on top of that.

This is the veteran, standard bearer and just a regular warrior. I painted the standard bearer's beard and hair black base, with codex gray highlights, then golden yellow highlights with a final skull white highlight. I wanted him to look older than the rest of the unit, like he has been the standard bearer for a long time.

The veteran, with musician and standard bearer on each side. I painted his hair and beard black base, with red gore leading to blood red highlights, I just liked the look of a red beard, and think it fits to pick him out of the unit as the veteran.

This is of course, the musician, with a regular warrior and the veteran next to him. On his beard I attempted to make him look younger, starting with a black base, and then adding, red, or something, then putting a couple highlights of golden yellow on top. His cheeks actually have a careful blending of blood red and dwarf flesh to make it look like he is actually puffing his cheeks out to blow the horn.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


That is what is on the slate right now, Dwarves.

This is just your basic warrior... not the best picture.This is the back of the Veteran in the unit. I lost the picture of the front of him.

Behold, in all it's glory, the paintspace!